Our Mission

A community that ensures women* are represented in the public dialog.

Our Motto

Challenge it. Change it.

Our Mantra

Women as equals will become the norm when it is the norm. Everywhere.


* GenderAvenger affirms that trans women are women.


The GenderAvenger Team


Volunteer co-founders, Gina Glantz and Susan Askew, work with great professionals to build a community of activists dedicated to ensuring that women are always part of the public dialog: our amazing web designer, administrator and content creator Elan Morgan, the incredible consulting group Women Online which oversees our social media strategy and content, innovative developer and co-creator of the GA Tally Dan Schultz, and designer Maddie Dai. Along with Gina and Susan, Marta Rosa serves as a Director. Since our inception, Yonatan Kogan and Katie Dowd have helped out in and around their full-time jobs, and Mellody Hobson made a contribution to get us started just before we launched and continues to give us great advice as we grow.

We range in age from to 30-75. We grew up in a variety of states in the US and in Canada, and we met in all sorts of ways. We now live in New York, Florida, South Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Saskatchewan. Nice to know ya!

hoto Credit: Richard Glantz

GINA GLANTZ, Founder, @glantzings

Serial organizer/shit stirrer/campaign tech innovator/grandmother. First campaign managed: 1974 surprise win by Democrat against longest serving Republican in the House. Last campaign: not-so-surprising defeat of Bill Bradley by Al Gore for the Democratic presidential nomination. Founded Martin&Glantz, specializing in grassroots organizing and communications strategies. Stint at Service Employees International Union. Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics Fellow and Shorenstein Center Adjunct Lecturer.  Demos, Oxfam-America and TurboVote Board Member. Watch Gina's talk at Personal Democracy Forum.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

SUSAN ASKEW, Co-founder, @susanaskew

Serial entrepreneur. Optimist.  Explorer and questioner: “What if?” and “Why not?”  Started out in old media, crossed over to the “other side” of the microphone into politics as a staffer to Republican Governor Mike Castle and with organizations focused on empowering women before discovering a wonderfully chaotic path of technological innovation in the early 1990’s. Founder, womenCONNECT, one of the first websites focused on women in business, and co-founder Backfence, an early innovator in hyperlocal news on the internet. And, in the “you’re never too old category”: recent graduate, George Mason University, Latin American Finance.

Marta Rosa

MARTA ROSA, Director, @mtrconsulting57

Strategist, visionary, entrepreneur, results oriented problem solver, and catalyst. Former elected public official and senior executive who thrives on helping others, social justice advocacy, managing change and driving innovation. Senior advisor to leaders, individuals and institutions on: organizational management, strategic planning, diversity, inclusion & equity, government relations & community engagement. MTR Consulting Services. Married for over 40 years, mother of three, grandmother of two.


Women Online is a strategic communications firm with a unique digital lens. We create content and campaigns that tell our clients’ stories and move women to action. Rooted in online community, issue advocacy, and a deep understanding of social media, our award winning work bridges the gap between traditional public relations and digital marketing.

Elan Morgan

ELAN MORGAN, Web Designer + Editor, @schmutzie

Elan lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan. They blog at ElanMorgan.com, spread gratitude through the Grace in Small Things community, and speak all over. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.

Candace DeLeon

CANDACE DeLEON, Administrative Assistant, @SubjectiveAdv

Candace is a writer and artist from Detroit who likes to create, covering themes relevant to human beings and the times. Other than that, she likes organizing things neatly, finding new and exciting adventures and scrolling through Instagram. She currently lives in New York.

Dan Schulz

DAN SCHULTZ, Technology Lead, @slifty

Dan Schultz is a civic technologist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Knight News Challenge winner, a graduate from the MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University, and a Knight-Mozilla Fellow. Dan is the lead developer and product manager of the Tally, but during the day he is a Senior Creative Technologist at the Internet Archive. The rest of his time is spent being the father of an adorable toddler named Ida and teaching her how to say the names of Star Wars characters.

Maddie Dai

MADDIE DAI, GA Tally Designer, @maddiedai

Maddie Dai is a Kiwi illustrator, designer, and animator based in London. Her hobbies include writing tweets, eating ramen, and protesting with her creations. She is currently working with Purpose, where she uses visual storytelling and strategic creative content to tackle the world's toughest challenges.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov


Programmer, feminist, real world and tech world adventurer. San Francisco native. Harvard Computer Science grad. Former co-chair of Harvard Institute of Politics Fellows program (where he met Nicco and Gina). Senior Software Engineer at Tock.

Mellody Hobson

MELLODY HOBSON, President of Ariel Investments

President of Ariel Investments and chair of the board for Ariel Investment Trust. She is a spokesperson for the Ariel/Hewitt Study: 401(k) Plans in Living Color and the Ariel Black Investor Survey. Chairman of the board for DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. as well as a director of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and Starbucks Corporation. She also serves as Chair of After School Matters, a non-profit that provides Chicago teens with high quality, out-of-school time programs. She is a board member of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, The Chicago Public Education Fund, and Sundance Institute,

Our Founding Funders


Susan Askew, Nikki Heidepriem, Mellody HobsonGale Kaufman, Tom Nides, Christine Varney


When founding Avenger Gina started talking about getting GenderAvenger up and running, six wonderful friends joined her in providing the resources to create the website and to start testing the appeal of its mission and the promise of its theory of social change.  The return on their investment has been the ever-growing community of men and women committed to taking action to ensure that women are always part of the public dialog. With this success came the need for more resources. GenderAvenger is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Every dollar counts.