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Who's Taken
the GenderAvenger Pledge?

by Ricardo Camacho (Flickr: A Need) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

by Ricardo Camacho (Flickr: A Need) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  1. Zelma Acosta-Rubio, General Counsel, Interbank
  2. Jim Adams
  3. Flora Alphonse, Executive Development Consultant, The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI)
  4. Joanne Anderson, Business and Equalities Lead, The Women's Organisation
  5. Ken Anderson, Professor and Associate Dean, University of Colorado Boulder
  6. Judy Appel, Trustee, Berkeley School Board
  7. Pamela Aquino, Intersection
  8. Shawn Ardaiz, Founder, Kokoro
  9. Ross Ashcroft, Human Rights Practitioner, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, Yoga & Fitness Therapist
  10. Karen Ashworth-Macfarlane, CEO & President, The Leadership Investment
  11. Joshua Avedon, CEO, Jumpstart Labs
  12. Donald Ball, Software Developer, Sparkfund
  13. Melissa Balmer, Founder/Director, PedalLove.org
  14. Ivo Banek, Managing Partner, Communication Works
  15. Nick Barcott
  16. Jaxon Barnes, The Wilderness Society
  17. Rebecca Baron
  18. Daniel Beaulieu, CCO, News Deeply
  19. Gregory Bennett, Humanity United
  20. Jason Bennett, Owner, Argo Strategies
  21. Peggy Berg, President, Castell Project, Inc.
  22. Leyna Bernstein, Managing Director, Leadership Search Partners
  23. Don Beyer, Representative, U.S. House of Representatives
  24. Danielle Bicknell, Specialist — Gender Equality Division, UNESCO
  25. Bob Bingaman, National Organizing Director, Sierra Club
  26. Brent Blackaby, Partner, Trilogy Interactive
  27. Kevin Bondelli
  28. Justine Bone, CEO, MedSec
  29. Christine Boon
  30. Garrett Boone
  31. Matthew Borgatti, Mechanical Design Lead, Super-Releaser
  32. Steve Bouchard, Partner, Bouchard Gold Communications
  33. Jonathan Boyne
  34. Cynthia Brantly Pierce, Political Fundraiser
  35. Frances Burke, President, Integrity International
  36. Martin Burns, Senior Principal Transformation Consultant, CA Technologies
  37. Jeremy Burton, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston
  38. Sarah Burton, Director of Programme Functions, Greenpeace International
  39. Amy Busefink, Civic Engagement Director, State Voices
  40. Neil Callan
  41. Martina Caretta, West Virginia University
  42. Maria del Carmen Campos Peregrina, Agroecology Engineer, independent research
  43. Claude Carmelli, Actor-Manager, L'Acteraie
  44. Bob Casey, United States Senator, United States Senate
  45. Eric Caugh, Partner
  46. Michael Chamberlain, Vice President of Global Marketing, Catalyst
  47. Travis Chambers, Graduate Employee, University of Oregon
  48. Sumanth Channabasappa
  49. Robert Caruso, Chairman, SOCAP Group
  50. Lenny Chesal, Chief Evangelist, Host.net
  51. Josh Cohen, Director, Strategy and Partnerships, TransLoc
  52. Tom Cosgrove, Founder, The Cosgrove Group
  53. Toni Cowan-Brown, VP of European Business Development, NationBuilder
  54. Teal Cracraft, Co-Founder, Speak Your Story
  55. Megan Crocker
  56. Lane Crockett
  57. Sabina Csok
  58. Jillian Cummings, Director of Education, Los Altos Stage Company
  59. Monica Curca, Director, PAX LAB
  60. Sarang Dalal, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
  61. Chris Daplyn, Managing Director, Wunderman UK
  62. Richard Davies, Podcaster, DaviesContent
  63. Paul Dazeley, Planner, Proximity London
  64. Susannah Delano, Public Affairs Director, Planned Parenthood Northern California
  65. Nillin Dennison, Gender Diversity Representative, Moose Jaw Pride
  66. Fátima De Romana, Lawyer, Lazo, De Romaña & CMB Abogados
  67. Punit Dhillon, CEO, OncoSec Medical, Inc.
  68. Lisa Diaz Nash, Board Chair, Atma Connect
  69. Eric Di Benedetto, Angel Investor, Quadratura
  70. Norlyn Dimmitt, Connection Realty
  71. Kevin Donegan, Senior Campaign Development Manager, Greenpeace International
  72. David Donnelly, President & CEO, Every Voice
  73. Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Co-Executive Director, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality
  74. Leif Elgethun, CEO, Retrolux
  75. Jed Emerson
  76. Tyson Ewing
  77. RB Fast, Founder & CEO, Bee Line Consulting
  78. Fay Feeney, CEO, Risk for Good
  79. Dr. Bruce G. FergusonEl Colegio de la Frontera Sur
  80. Abby Ferri, President, The Ferri Group LLC
  81. Daniele Fiandaca, Co-founder, Utopia
  82. Alexandra Fiorillo, Mentor Capital Network
  83. Alice Fisher, Founder, The Radical Age Movement
  84. Ian FiskMentor Capital Network
  85. Brian Fitzgerald, Greenpeace International
  86. Ian Fitzpatrick, Almighty / Connelly
  87. Eli Flournoy, International Media Consultant
  88. Ron Fournier, Journalist, National Journal
  89. Susan Frank, President and COO, Better World Group
  90. Shawn Fremstad, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
  91. Ivan Frishberg, VP Sustainability Banking
  92. Dr. Claudia Freire, UDC
  93. David Frick, SVP Engagement, Aptify
  94. Mark Galis Hall
  95. Meegan Galloway, Health and Safety Global Compliance Manager, Mitsui High-tec
  96. Russ Gaskin, Managing Director, CoCreative Consulting
  97. Darren Gatcliffe, CEO
  98. Nick Gauthier, Developer, Codeship
  99. Jillian Gibbs, Founder and Global CEO, Advertising Production Resources
  100. Charles Glasser, Media Lawyer/Adjunct Professor Media law and Ethics, Arthur Carter Journalism Institute/NYU Graduate School
  101. Gianina Gotuzzo
  102. Kim Greenop-Gadsby
  103. Howard Greenwich, Deputy Director, Puget Sound Sage
  104. Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, Co-Founder, openSNP
  105. Roberta Guise, President, FemResources
  106. Marc Gunther, Reporter, Nonprofit Chronicles
  107. Chris Hall
  108. Chuck HallBizinuum
  109. Jasmine Hall
  110. Peter Hammond, VP Operations
  111. Marie Hannon, Alternative Therapist, Holistic Therapy For You
  112. Maggie Harrison, Department Chair, Department of Women's Studies, City College of San Francisco
  113. Stefanie Hauck, Veteran, United States Air Force
  114. Geoffrey Hayes
  115. Gregg Heinrichs
  116. Phyllis Heller, Heller Media Solutions
  117. Jessika Hepburn, Director, Oh My! Handmade 
  118. Aidan Hodge-McNutt
  119. Tim Hollo, Director, Green Music Australia 
  120. Lori Holt, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  121. Lloyd Honeybrook, Curator, Make It Up Club 
  122. Suzanne Hopgood, CEO, The Hopgood Group, LLC
  123. Ulrik Horn
  124. Jonathan Horowitz
  125. Erland Howden 
  126. Sam Huggard, National Secretary, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 
  127. Lee Hyuk
  128. Katarzyna Jagiello, Greenpeace
  129. Frank Jannuzi, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation
  130. Derek Jansen, Consultant, RALLY Campaigns
  131. Nora JohnsonMedical Expense Review & Recovery
  132. Damon Jones, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy
  133. Rev Johnathan Jones, Reverend/Executive Director
  134. Kevin Jones, Founder, Good Capital
  135. Vladica Jovanovic, Senior Program Officer, Propulsion Fund
  136. Marion Joyner
  137. Khuloud Kalthoum, Electrical Engineer, EDP
  138. Pawel Kaminski
  139. JJ Kapp, Supervising Attorney, Santa Clara County Public Defender's Office
  140. Ravi Karkara, Strategic Adviser Partnership - Office of the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive, UN Women 
  141. Judy Kashoff, Centre Quaker de Congenies
  142. Julia Kelly
  143. Micah Kenfield, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Illinois
  144. Miikka Keränen, City Council Member, Vihreät
  145. Michael Kieschnick, CREDO
  146. Benjamin Killgore, Educator/Critic/Economist
  147. Michael King
  148. Mike King
  149. Yonatan Kogan, Tock
  150. Niki Koubourlis, Founder & CEO, Bold Betties
  151. Benjamin Kupersmit, President, Kupersmit Research
  152. David Kusnet
  153. Carsten Laaber, Director of Engineering
  154. Judi Laing 
  155. Todd Landis, Director
  156. Shawn Landres, Commissioner, Los Angeles County & City of Santa Monica
  157. Mary Lane
  158. Erik LaRue
  159. Phil LaszkowiczOmnijar Studio
  160. Natalie LeBlanc, The Pivot Group
  161. Stuart Lederman, Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti
  162. John Lee, Visual Designer, Sparkfund
  163. Jeanne Legault
  164. Scott Lewis, Editor in Chief, Voice of San Diego
  165. Rhys Lindmark, Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future
  166. Jesse Littlewood, Director — Digital, Common Cause
  167. Amy Logan, Founder & CEO, Gender Innovation
  168. Alfons López Tena, jurist and politician
  169. Andy Lower, Founder, ADAP
  170. Fred Lusk, Chief Information Officer
  171. Peter MacDonald Hall
  172. Heather MacKenzie, Founder/CEO
  173. Donnie Maclurcan, Executive Director, Post Growth Institute 
  174. Hugh Madden, Communications Director, Progress Michigan 
  175. William Marshall, Volunteer Community Health Advocate
  176. Hernique Martins de Araujo, Senior Investment Officer, Inter-American Development Bank
  177. Tom Matzzie, CEO, CleanChoice Energy
  178. Justin Maxwell, Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans
  179. Elizabeth McAnallyCalifornia Institute of Integral Studies, PhD Candidate 
  180. Rob McCargow, AI Programme Leader, PwC
  181. David McCrae, Principal, MM+J Architects 
  182. Kristin McCrossin, Graphic Designer, Boomtown Internet Group
  183. Carola McGiffert
  184. August McLaughlin, President and CEO, Girl Boner®
  185. Rob McCargow, AI Programme Leader, PwC
  186. David McCrae, Principal, MM+J Architects 
  187. Kristin McCrossin, Graphic Designer, Boomtown Internet Group
  188. Carola McGiffert
  189. August McLaughlin, President and CEO, Girl Boner®
  190. Frank McLoughlin, Program Officer, International IDEA
  191. James McNamara, Associate Professor Lighting and Sound Design, Westfield State University
  192. Shawna Mefferd Kelty, Associate Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh
  193. Brian Mehler, Manager
  194. Nicco Mele 
  195. Philip Menard, Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama
  196. Marie Meslin, Executive Director, The Capital Network
  197. Keith Mestrich, President and CEO, Amalgamated Bank
  198. Bob Meyers, Senior Photo Editor, Greenpeace USA
  199. David Michaels, Devops Engineer, SwipeSense
  200. Alex Miller, Stack Overflow
  201. Sjelly Miller, Professor, University of Colorado
  202. Josh Mize, Senior Web Developer, Mozilla
  203. Jorge Molero
  204. Rodrigo Montero Cano, Gender Specialist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  205. Joel Moore
  206. Erick Mora Sánchez, Candidato a Diputado PNG
  207. Ernesto Moreno, President & CEO, Yuxta Energy
  208. Maria Moreno-Sanchez, Independent Consultant
  209. Aidan Morgan 
  210. Claire Moshenberg
  211. Karen Mulhauser, President, Mulhauser and Associates
  212. Kevin Murphy
  213. Sue Myers, Teacher/Counselor
  214. Juri Mykkänen, University of Helsinki
  215. Sina Nägel, Greenpeace 
  216. Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi, President, Social Democratic Youth of Finland
  217. Christopher Nellum
  218. Grant Neufeld, Community Organizer
  219. Sam Nickless, COO, Gilbert + Tobin
  220. Dean Nielsen, Cerillion N4 Partners
  221. Justin North, Founder, Janders Dean
  222. Iheoma Obibi, Executive Director, Alliances for Africa
  223. Sandy Oestreich, President and Founder, National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance
  224. Jeremy Ogusky, Chief Potter
  225. Ken Oldenkamp
  226. Patrick Olszowski 
  227. Mau O'Neal, Ms.
  228. Mark O'Neill, Chief Digital Officer
  229. Bea ORourke
  230. Sandi Parsons, self-employed
  231. Jamie Patterson, MD, UCIrvine Ob/Gyn
  232. Chris Paul
  233. Jonathan Peelle, Washington University in Saint Louis
  234. Andres Piazza, Executive Director, LACTLD
  235. David A. Platt
  236. Whitney Postman, PhD
  237. Raj Rajan, VP Sustainability, Ecolab
  238. Julia Prats Romeu, UNESCO
  239. Michael Pulsford, Community Organiser, Australian Conservation Foundation
  240. Rakesh Rajani, Ford Foundation
  241. Justin Ramos, Physician Anesthesiologist
  242. Saira RaoIn This Together Media
  243. Tobi Raphael
  244. Jonathan Reardon
  245. Vicki Reeder
  246. Imran Rehman, Co-founder, mesh.works e.U.
  247. Kate Reilly, chocolatecoveredcat
  248. Jason Reott, Policy Associate, Alliance to Save Energy
  249. Daniela Rigon 
  250. Michael Ring, Vice President, Prospect Park Track Club
  251. Tracy Robertson
  252. Richard Robinson, Managing Partner, Oystercatchers // Econsultancy
  253. Andrew Rodriguez, President + Chief Investment Officer, Change Finance
  254. Michael Rogan
  255. Jannick Rolland, Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering, University of Rochester
  256. Alan Rosenblatt, SVP of Digital Strategy/Director of Digital Research, turner4D/Lake Research Partners
  257. David Rosenman
  258. Steven Rosenthal, President, The Atlas Project and President, The Organizing Group
  259. Peter Rosset
  260. Robin Rozum3 Magic Beans Design
  261. Johanna Ryan
  262. Barry Sampson, Founding Director, The More Than Blended Learning Company 
  263. John Sands, Arbitrator and Mediator
  264. Sriya Sarkar
  265. María Guadalupe Saucedo, Universidad de Guanajuato
  266. Raz Schwartz, Research Lead, Oculus
  267. Adrienne Schwarzbach Johnson
  268. Scott Seivwright, AGILE Coach, Agilisimo
  269. Collette Sell
  270. Jigar Shah, President, Generate Capital
  271. Rayona Sharpnack
  272. Alan Shimel, CEO, MediaOps, Inc.
  273. Michael Silberman, Global Director, Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace
  274. Ellen Simms, Professor, UC Berkeley
  275. Matt Singer, Executive Director, The Bus Federation
  276. Pelle Sjoenell, World Wide Chief Creative Officer, BBH
  277. Aaron Smith 
  278. Bradley Smith
  279. Byron Smith
  280. Peggy Snyder
  281. Rajesh Solanki, Energos
  282. Sasha Souza, Event Planner, Sasha Souza Events
  283. Michael Spingler
  284. Sanjay Sridhar
  285. Gerald St. Germaine
  286. Andy Stern
  287. Elan Strait, Deputy Director, Policy and Strategy, WWF
  288. Naomi Stroup
  289. Ravi Subramanian
  290. Jonathan Sullivan 
  291. Daniel Swislow, Partnerships Manager and Silicon Valley Representative, National Democratic Institute
  292. Jon Taylor, Department Chair & Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of St. Thomas – Houston
  293. Yanil Terón, Center for Latino Progress – CPRF
  294. Robin Terry
  295. Jakob Thomä, Executive Director, 2° Investing Initiative Germany
  296. Dean Thompson
  297. Trent Thompson, VP Creative Director, BBDO Toronto
  298. Dana Tollick
  299. David Tong, CEO, P3 Foundation
  300. Joseph Towery
  301. Dorothy Tyler
  302. David Unger, Program Coordinator/Adjunct Professor, The Murphy Institute for Worker Education-CUNY / Empire State College - SUNY 
  303. Steven Ury
  304. Marina Vance, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  305. Lizelle van Vuuren, Founder & CEO, Women Who Startup
  306. Johnny Vasquez
  307. Kathi Vidal, Principal, Fish & Richardson
  308. Anne von Payr
  309. Daniel Voronoff
  310. Debbie Walsh, Director, Center for American Women and Politics
  311. Holly Wells, IT Finance Consultant
  312. Jill Wheeler Mannie
  313. James Whelan, Director, The Change Agency 
  314. Nathan White, Chief Technology Officer, MomsRising
  315. John Wilbanks
  316. David Williams, Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Professional
  317. Alan Winfield, University of the West of England, Bristol
  318. Emily Winslow, Vice President of Operations, PeakChange
  319. Jon Wolfsthal, Fellow, Harvard University
  320. John Wyble
  321. Maria Zagoreos
  322. Anna Zivian, Senior Research Fellow, Ocean Conservancy