WELCOME GenderAvengers!


Welcome! Avenger Gina here. I started GenderAvenger.com with an idea born out of frustration and in hope. I shuddered at how many instances of women being absent from or underrepresented in the public arena were reported. So many of us have attended a conference with all-male or mostly-male panels, watched political coverage on the media and legislative hearings featuring men and more men, and read magazine roundtables, anthologies, and top ten lists with few, if any, women. I found hope in the number of folks — both known to me and new supporters like you — who wanted to take action and make change.

GenderAvenger is not about thousands of names on petitions or fifteen minutes of social media hype. It is about a whole lot of individuals who challenge decision-makers at all levels by pointing out the absence of women and asking that those absences be corrected.

Some Avengers shout from the rooftops, some quietly make calls, some use the GA Tally to send messages, some alert the GenderAvenger community and ask for action. All matter, because GenderAvengers need to be everywhere all the time. If enough of us point out the absence of women to enough people in charge, change will happen, and a new norm will emerge.

Welcome, and thank you for helping to make our future happen!